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ACUA maintains a New Jersey state-certified water and wastewater environmental testing laboratory at its Wastewater Treatment Facility. The highly trained laboratory staff provides analyses that are used in establishing operational and process control. These analyses ensure the plant is meeting all environmental quality standards set by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency. 
In addition, laboratory services are offered to public entities comprised of public health agencies, water utilities, wastewater utilities, school districts and other entities. These services include water sampling and sample pick-up services. 

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For more information, please contact Michael Gille, Laboratory Director, at or (609) 343-7726. 

For residents that have concerns or questions about the following, please contact the Atlantic County Department of Environmental Health:

  • Potable (Drinking) water/ private well issues: Keith Phillips - 609.645.5971 x4356
  • Recreational Water, Ocean/Beaches: Chris Chinnici - 609.645.5971 x4379 or Patrick Dillon - 609.645.5971 x4380
  • Sewage complaints/Septic overflows/Spills: Karen Hanni - 609.645.5971 x4295

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