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Sludge/biosolids, grease, scum, dried municipal sludge and leachate is accepted for disposal.


Septage is accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and prior notice is not required.
Please call 609-343-7733 to schedule Scum (including grease) and Sludge disposal.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Guidelines for Haulers (Sludge/Septic/Scum/Grease):
    Beginning on January 1, 2021, all haulers must adhere to the ACUA Standard Procedure and Rules for Hauled in Waste and shall be registered with the ACUA by submitting the Hauler Registration Form using the link below. You are responsible for ensuring ACUA has a current NJDEP Registration Card for each Truck & Trailer and Insurance Policy (Declaration Page). If you have any questions, please call 609-780-5818.
    Hauler Registration Form
    Septage Sludge Manifest Form

  • Significant Indirect User (SIU): (Refer to NJDEP for explanation) 
    NJDEP states that an SIU Permit is required to be obtained for any wastewater to be discharged into a publicly owned sewage treatment plant by a SIU prior to beginning discharge. An existing discharger which becomes aware that it is a SIU must apply for a permit immediately. An existing or proposed discharger planning to modify activities in such a way as to become a SIU must apply at least 180 days prior to the proposed initiation of the relevant discharge and cannot begin the discharge until the permit is issued.
    A specific timeframe for filing an application may be established by the control authority and is generally specified in any regulations that establishes a new class of SIU, including any amendment to the Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards. To continue discharge, an SIU must continue to have an active SIU permit and to file permit renewal applications periodically until the control authority determines that it is no longer necessary.
    If you discharge to a non-delegated agency and are not sure if you are an SIU, please contact the NJDEP Division of Water Quality by emailing dwq@dep.nj.gov or calling (609) 292-4860. To learn more, visit their website.
    On a case by case basis the ACUA will accept waste from remediation sites provided that the proposed discharge does not exceed the levels established in the ACUA’s Limitations on Wastewater Discharges outlined on the link provided below.
    Limitations on Wastewater Discharges

    Should an applicant pursue a SIU discharge through the ACUA, they shall complete the form below and remit the applicable fees. For detailed information on this process, please contact Bill Hiller by email (whiller@acua.com) or by calling (609) 272-6944.
    Limitations on Wastewater Discharges’ Checklist

  • Treatment Works Approval (TWA):
    N.J.A.C. 7:14A-22.3 sets forth the activities for which a treatment works approval is required. Under the TWA regulations, the ACUA is part of the approval process prior to submission to the NJDEP. The link below provides the ACUA definitions, guidelines and fees for submission to our agency.
    Treatment Works Approval Checklist & Information


Wastewater – Million Gallons


Septage – Gallon


Leachate – Gallon


Grease – Gallon


Liquid Sludge <3% – Gallon

$0.050 **Not accepting at this time

Liquid Sludge 3-4% – Gallon

$0.065 **Not accepting at this time

Liquid Sludge 4%-6% – Gallon

$0.085 **Not accepting at this time

Sludge Cake >24.1% – Cubic Yard

$49.11 per Cubic Yd. or $66.54 per Wet Ton

Sludge Cake 20.1-24% – Cubic Yard

$60.60 per Cubic Yd. or $82.11 per Wet Ton

Sludge Cake 18.1-20% – Cubic Yard             

$70.03 per Cubic Yd. or $94.89 per Wet Ton

Sludge Cake 16-18% – Cubic Yard

$80.91 per Cubic Yd. or $109.63 per Wet Ton

Sludge Cake <16% – Cubic Yard

$119.17 per Cubic Yd. or $161.48 per Wet Ton

Inspection Fees

$85.00 for the first unit and $10.00 for each additional unit

RV Septic Disposal  $25.00  (check or money order only)



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