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Use our Fueling Station

To sign up your fleet or vehicle as a Clean Energy customer and to access ACUA's station for fueling, customers can choose to complete a pay-as-you-go application or an application for monthly billing. ACUA's fueling station also accepts existing Wright Express fleet cards.

Switch Your Fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

The Atlantic City Jitney Association, South Jersey Gas, and Earth Tech are a just a few of the local companies that have made the switch to Compressed Natural Gas. Could you be next?

CNG vehicles have been introduced in a wide variety of commercial applications, from light-duty trucks and sedans, to medium-duty trucks, to heavy-duty vehicles like transit buses, street sweepers and collection vehicles.

Below are a number of tools to help you make the switch:

For an individual consultation with an Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) representative, please click here.

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