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POSTER CONTEST – Why it is not good to put plastic lids, caps and plastic bags into your recycling bins!

The contest is open to all Atlantic County High School Students. Posters should be made on 8.5 x 11” paper and submitted to ACUA by November 8, 2017 (see form for details).

Cash prizes will be awarded at ACUA’s America Recycles Day Open House on Friday, November 17, 2017 at 5:30 pm.

First Prize $100
Second Prize $50
Third Prize $25

 Poster Application

Submission mailing address:

Atlantic County Utilities Authority 
P.O. Box 996
Pleasantville, NJ 08232


Submission drop off:

Atlantic County Utilities Authority: Environmental Park
6700 Delilah Road. 
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Why Do a Poster Contest?

My name is Mary Stecher. I participated in the Rutgers Environmental Stewards program which was held at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority and during the class, I was inspired to organize this poster contest. I have always been happy to recycle. I remember hearing or reading not to put bottle caps into the recycling, but as I looked at the caps and lids, I thought “They are all plastic, surely they can use these!” On a very interesting tour of the Recycling Center, I watched the material going down the conveyor belt. I asked the guide if this material was trash, but he said no, it was recycling.  What I saw looked like my trash with plastic bags and other materials.

Then, suddenly, the HUGE processing machinery stopped. What had happened was that a bottle cap had jammed the machines.  The same thing happens frequently when plastic bags get entangled in the machinery. Caps and bags cause damage to the machinery and slow down the sorting. It really made an impression on me on how wrong I had been to include caps and lids with my recycling. For my Rutgers Environmental Stewards internship, I wanted to hold a POSTER CONTEST to alert people about how important it is to recycle correctly.

I am looking for a simple poster so that people will know at a glance why it is not good to put bottle caps, lids or plastic bags into their recycling.

Winners will be decided by judges including artists and recycling professionals, who will consider both the creativity and the clear message of the posters. Winners will be asked to sign at release to allow their poster to be printed and put up in public places.

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