Friday, June 06, 2008

ACUA Recognized by CCX for Reducing Carbon Footprint by 16.9%

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) recognizes Atlantic County Utilities Authority for Reducing its 2007 Carbon Footprint by 16.9 Percent Over 2000 Levels

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) has reduced the amount of carbon it has emitted into the atmosphere by more than 16.9 percent. Carbon emissions, which are produced in the burning of fossil fuels, are a strong component of green house gases. The Chicago Climate Exchange is the world’s first and North America’s only legally binding, voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) emission registry, reduction, and trading system. When the ACUA became a member in January 2006, it was the first organization in New Jersey to join the CCX. Through its membership, ACUA has committed to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 6 percent by year 2010.

“We are thrilled that our efforts have reduced our carbon emissions by 16.9 percent, well ahead of the 6 percent by 2010 that is required by the CCX,” Richard Dovey, ACUA President said “The ACUA is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and in turn, to do its part to help stem global warming,” Dovey added.

Membership with the CCX obligates the ACUA to report annual emissions data to the CCX. Emissions are verified by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (formerly National Association of Securities Dealers). Similar to the “cap and trade” system currently being discussed in Congress, reducing carbon allows the ACUA to earn what is referred to as GHG credits. Those credits are then sold to other members who have not seen any reductions; providing an added revenue incentive for the ACUA.

Many of the renewable energy initiatives the ACUA has implemented reduce GHG emissions. For the data considered by the CCX, energy efficiency improvements at ACUA’s Wastewater Treatment Facility have made the most significant impact in reducing GHG emissions. In addition, the ACUA is able to participate in the CCX’s offset market because it has been voluntarily collecting and destroying the methane gas generated at its landfill.

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