September 28, 2015

Atlantic County Utilities Authority ranks 6th in the 100 Best Fleets in North America’s Green Fleet Award for 2015

For the fifth straight year, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) is ranked in the top 20 of the 100 Best Fleets in North America’s Green Fleet award. This year, the ACUA has ranked in 6th place for the second year running. The Green Fleet award uses an extensive set of criteria specifically designed to address the challenges and requirements of managing both government and commercial fleets in North America.

The 100 Best Fleets Green Fleet evaluation comprehensive standards evaluate fleet composition, fuel and emissions, policy and planning, fleet utilization, education, executive and employee involvement and other supporting programs such as maintenance facility operation, parts purchasing and recycling programs. “These criteria are used as standard for the annual award assessment, but we have found that the application process also serves as a great tool that has helped us to further improve our green fleet program,” ACUA President Rick Dovey stated. “The application provides a way for fleets to benchmark their operations, identify areas of improvement and chart their progress,” Dovey added.

“The ACUA has been pleased to rank in the Green Fleets Program every year since we began submitting applications in 2011,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “This year’s sixth place ranking reflects a tremendous amount of hard work and the deep commitment that ACUA has to reducing the environmental impact of our fleet.

ACUA continues to transition its fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG). “In 2014, we added a CNG rolloff truck and street sweeper bringing us to a total of 22 CNG vehicles in our fleet. By using CNG during the past year alone, the ACUA displaced more than 121,000 diesel gallons and saved more than $146,000 in fuel costs. “Our total benefit was even greater when you include cost savings, CNG sales revenue, and federal tax credits. We also reduced fleet emissions by the equivalent of over 327 metric tons of CO2 by using CNG in the place of diesel fuel,” said Dovey.

Dovey added, “We continue to use biodiesel in our older collection vehicles and to build our electric fleet to further reduce emissions. In December of 2014, we added two Ford Fusions which have both an electric motor and a hybrid gasoline engine. At our Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Township, the Fusions are “fueled” with electricity from our landfill gas to electricity project. At our wastewater treatment facility in Atlantic City, electric vehicles are charged with electricity generated from solar and wind power.”

“Our green vehicle wash facility is powered by renewable energy and recycles water. The vehicle wash is available for other fleets to utilize, and protects the environment by preventing wash water from entering storm drains.” Dovey added.

Receiving the award for the fifth straight year, the ACUA continues to rank in the top 20 Green Fleets in North America. For more about the program and the current list of 100 Best Fleets Green Fleet winners for 2015, please go to:

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