September 11, 2015

Atlantic County To Celebrate National Drive Electric Week with Event at ACUA Wind Farm

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September 11, 2015                                                                  (609) 272-6950


Atlantic City Electric, CRDA, South Jersey Transportation Authority help highlight the role of EVs in reducing dependence on fossil fuels

WHAT: Agencies from across southern New Jersey, electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts will gather at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Wastewater Treatment Facility/Wind Farm on Tuesday, September 15,  at 12 pm to highlight the fun, clean-air benefits, and cost-savings of electric cars. The event is part of the fifth annual National Drive Electric Week. 

ACUA’s facility is home to two charging stations powered by renewable energy – solar and wind power. ACUA will showcase its electric vehicle fleet, which includes a Nissan leaf, Prius and hybrid Ford Escapes. The infrastructure needed to make this fleet possible and the need to increase electric vehicle charging stations in our area will also be discussed.

In addition to ACUA’s fleet, the local electricity provider, Atlantic City Electric, will be onsite to display their fleet of electric vehicles and discuss their experience. Admiral Nissan dealership will also be attending with an all-electric Leaf, and several local residents will be there to show off their EVs, which includes a BMW and Tesla.

The Atlantic County event is one of more than 100 across the country where electric vehicle owners and their neighbors will hold electric car parades, “tailpipe-free” tailgate parties, recognition of leaders promoting EVs, launches of new public EV charging stations and other public events.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WHERE: ACUA Wastewater Treatment Facility/wind farm located at 1801 Absecon Blvd. in Atlantic City, NJ.

WHO:  Participating agencies include Atlantic City Electric, South Jersey Transportation Authority, Casino Redevelopment Authority, Admiral Nissan and local electric vehicles owners.

VISUALS: In addition to the wide variety of electric vehicles that will be on display for the public to learn about, Atlantic City Electric, South Jersey Transportation and ACUA representatives will talk about how they are helping to encourage the infrastructure for electric vehicles.

For a complete list of National Drive Electric Week events, visit:

About Plug In America: Plug In America, a San Francisco-based national nonprofit organization, works to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. The organization conceived National Drive Electric Week and has advanced workplace charging by pioneering regular ride-and-drive events at such leading corporations as Google, Mattel and Paramount Pictures. It developed the world’s largest, most dedicated network of plug-in vehicle owners and drivers, many of whom have driven EVs for well over a decade. We drive electric. You can, too.

About the Electric Auto Association: The Electric Auto Association, formed in 1967, is a nonprofit educational organization with 75 chapters worldwide that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


Electric Vehicle Facts:

  • Electric vehicles are fun to drive. They are smooth and quiet, and their high torque – even at low speeds – provides instant accelerator response, and also better performance in snow.
  • They have momentum! Electric vehicles are selling better out of the gate than the first hybrids did. Well over 300,000 plug-in vehicles have been sold, and the rate is accelerating as more cars come to the market.
  • These cars are easier and cheaper to fuel. Electricity for EVs costs much less than gasoline. Driving on electricity is about five times cheaper than fueling with gasoline. It is much more convenient to simply plug in when you arrive home than to stop by a gas station to fill your gas tank.
  • EVs are cheaper to maintain. Maintenance for EVs costs much less than for gasoline vehicles. EVs require no oil changes and have 10 times fewer moving parts than a gasoline-powered car. There's no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler, or catalytic converter.
  • Each year in the US we burn roughly 121 billion gallons of oil in our passenger cars and trucks.
  • Switching to plug-in electric vehicles is one of the biggest steps we can take to reduce America's dependence on oil and cut dangerous air pollution.
  • A switch to EVs will make for a more stable and secure United States. We need to stop feeding our oil addiction by sending nearly $1 billion overseas each day, often to governments unfriendly to US policies.
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles are creating good American jobs. We are building advanced technology vehicles and components in at least 20 states, creating thousands of new, good jobs. (See the Sierra Club Report.)
  • Electric Vehicles cut the dangerous air pollution that comes from conventional vehicles. The transportation sector in the United States is responsible for nearly a third of our nation's carbon pollution. The cars and light trucks on the road today account for about 20 percent of US carbon dioxide emissions. All-electric vehicles have no tail pipe emissions and, even taking into account the emissions from the electricity produced to charge EVs, these vehicles on average emit significantly less CO2 than conventional vehicles. And that's today; as we clean up the electric grid, EVs get even cleaner over time. Of course, charging EVs based on electricity that comes from solar and wind power is the cleanest way to power the vehicles.

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