October 7, 2014

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Recognizes ACUA for Environmental Stewardship

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) has been recognized by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP’s) Environmental Stewardship Initiative for the third year. 

The Environmental Stewardship Initiative is a recognition program developed by NJDEP’s Compliance & Enforcement division for use by all NJDEP programs that conduct compliance assurance inspections. The program covers a broad spectrum of environmental stewardship practices relating to sustainability. DEP’s initiative showcases the achievements of regulated entities, and serves as a resource to encourage others to follow.  
The Environmental Stewardship Initiative is a voluntary program that utilizes existing NJDEP infrastructure and personnel to capture information during routine enforcement inspections.  On September 22, 2014, the inspector evaluating permit compliance at the ACUA’s wastewater treatment facility determined that the ACUA was engaged in or had completed activities eligible for recognition under the NJDEP’s Stewardship initiative.  Sites may achieve recognition in 21 different stewardship categories.  In the past, the ACUA has been recognized for its Environmental Policy, Outreach Programs, Water Use Reduction and Renewable Energy Use. This September, ACUA was recognized for three additional categories; Green Building Implementation, Process/Operations Energy Use Reduction and Transportation Energy Use Reduction. 

“We are continually looking for ways to work more efficiently and effectively,” ACUA president Rick Dovey remarked. “It’s very important to meet the environmental requirements set by the state, but we always strive to go beyond that. ACUA continually seeks opportunities to operate in a more sustainable way that saves resources and money. This recognition from the DEP is really a testament to these efforts,” said Dovey.
The Environmental Stewardship program offers the NJDEP a way to recognize businesses and agencies like the ACUA who have initiated programs or policies on their own that further reduce pollution or conserve resources and energy. This initiative recognizes proactive, voluntary measures that go beyond “compliance” and have a positive environmental impact.  The DEP’s program encourages the regulated community to evaluate their current operations and consider incorporating stewardship initiatives wherever possible.
“ACUA is proud to receive this recognition from the Department of Environmental Protection, and will continue to evaluate our operations and pursue additional stewardship initiatives,” Dovey added.
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