August 7, 2014

Atlantic County Utilities Authority’s $1.3 Million Emergency Wellington Avenue Force Main Project Nearing Completion

Repairs to ACUA’s force main in Ventnor Heights where a small leak was detected in late March are nearing completion. 

Specialized fittings needed for the final connection at the intersection of Wellington and Burghley Avenues are expected to be installed by Monday, August 11.

Line stops that were needed for the bypass operation will be removed, and the newly installed replacement main will be activated on Wednesday, August 13.

Bypass piping that has been placed along the western Wellington Avenue curb line from Harvard Avenue to Burghley Avenue will then be dismantled and removed.  Two structures (vaults) will be constructed over the connection points at each end of the project.  

Following removal of the bypass piping and installation of the structures, temporary road restoration is expected to commence during the week of August 18 to 22. In the interim, the contractor is replacing damaged curbing and cleaning the site as best as possible.


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