May 7, 2014

Progress Continues on the Atlantic County Utilities Authority’s Wellington Avenue Force Main

Bypassing the section in need of repair pipe is underway in Ventnor Heights

Repairs continue on ACUA’s force main in Ventnor Heights where a small leak was originally detected in late March. Crews have been working steadily to correct the issue. The sewer main conveys wastewater flow from the Margate-Ventnor Pump Station located on Lafayette and Wellington Avenues on the south side of the West Canal and continues all the way to the ACUA treatment facility located in Atlantic City.  The force main on Wellington Avenue handles the majority of flow from Ventnor, Margate, Longport and the coastal portion of Egg Harbor Township

This is not the first time that this section of force main has undergone repairs. The current leak is associated with a portion of the system that was used on a previous repair. Correcting the issue requires bypassing the problem section which is the work now underway between Harvard and slightly beyond Cambridge Avenues.  

“As our sewer infrastructure ages, these problems tend to crop up,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “The good news is that our crew has located a suitable bypass point and as a result, the intensity of the repair effort will be increased.  However, it will not be converted into a 24/7 operation, but rather a longer work day and possibly a 6-day work week will prevail.  Once the bypass is installed, the focus will shift to the permanent repair piping.  This will take several weeks to complete.  Since the leak is under control, we believe that working around the clock would have created additional inconvenience.  We’ll be working as diligently as possible to minimize the inconvenience and complete the project as rapidly as possible,” Dovey stated.

Neighbors near the intersection have been notified, as well as the Ventnor Police Department.

“We don’t anticipate any road closures or further inconveniences,” said Dovey. The neighbors have been incredibly understanding and it’s our intention to wrap this up as quickly as possible,” Dovey added.

For more information, contact ACUA at (609) 272-6950.

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