April 1, 2014

Atlantic County Utilities Authority Responds to Small Sewer Leak in Ventnor Heights

A small sewer leak has been discovered in Ventnor Heights on Wellington Avenue between Harvard and Cambridge Avenues.

Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) staff was first alerted of a possible leak by Ventnor Public Works employees who noticed a small amount of water coming up through the asphalt.

After investigating the origin of the problem and conducting a dye test at the Lafayette Avenue pump station, it was determined that the issue was with infrastructure owned and maintained by ACUA.

 “Repair crews have been out on site since we more specifically identified the location of the actual leak through the dye testing,” said ACUA Executive Vice President/CFO Maria Mento. “We have awarded a contract to Quad Construction to begin repairs.  Our staff has done an excellent job containing the leak and creating a temporary fix until our contractor can begin work,” Mento noted.

Neighbors near the intersection have been notified, as well as the Ventnor Police Department.

“Although the block between Cambridge and Harvard is closed, the closure does not restrict access to any of the nearby homes. As more information becomes available, we intend to keep the residents near the work site up-to-date,” said Mento. 

For more information, contact ACUA at (609) 272-6950.

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