December 30, 2013

New Jersey League of Municipalities Complies with Recycling Law and Nets Tonnage for Atlantic City

More than 3,900 pounds of recyclable material was collected during the recent New Jersey League of Municipalities conference, which was held in Atlantic City last month, according to Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) officials.

“Recycling is the law in New Jersey and has been for more than 25 years,” said ACUA Executive Vice President and Chief Finance Officer Maria Mento. “Most people are aware that schools, businesses and residents are required to recycle. Many don’t realize that the law also applies to events,” Mento added.

Considering the magnitude of the conference – more than 16,000 people are estimated to have attended – ACUA officials worked with the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority to get the recycling infrastructure in place. More than 75 clearly marked recycling containers were provided by ACUA and placed next to every trash receptacle throughout the Convention Center, lobby areas, registration and vendor display areas. The Atlantic City Convention Center is provided recycling collection service by both ACUA and Giordano’s Recycling of Vineland. 

“If you want people to recycle, especially at an event, you need to locate a recycling container next to every trash container,” said Mento. “ACUA encourages anyone in Atlantic County who is planning an event – large or small – to contact us. ACUA will lend you special event recycling containers and offer suggestions as to how to maximize recycling at your event,” noted Mento.

The tonnage collected at the league will be credited to the City of Atlantic City.

“There is a real incentive for towns, residents and businesses to recycle,” said Mento. Recycling creates jobs and earns grant money for municipalities. It’s a win-win,” she added.


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