November 10, 2013

Response to Press of Atlantic City Article Regarding Odors

Although ACUA does not dispute that its landfill can be odorous, it does take exception to the notion that open waste can be observed, or the implication that occasional odors are the result of mismanagement or environmental neglect. Actually, quite the opposite is true. New Jersey has among the strictest environmental standards in the nation when it comes to landfill operations, and open waste would simply never be allowed. More likely the writer has observed the 'working face' of the landfill, the active section of a landfill where trash is currently being buried.

The writer also states that 'the control of odors from a landfill is not rocket science.' While this is true, controlling odors is also not a perfect science. An active landfill is an ongoing complex construction project which can experience challenges from time to time. The amount of gas produced is influenced by many things, including weather and the composition of incoming waste. Despite numerous safeguards and precautions, odors can sometimes be detected.

ACUA has the unique challenge of operating a landfill within extremely close proximity to neighbors and to the Atlantic City Airport, and as such, operates its landfill utilizing the most up-to-date standards. Realizing however that putting trash in the ground is not a sustainable practice, ACUA is actively investigating alternatives to burying garbage. In fact, ACUA recently released a Bioenergy Request for Information which seeks alternatives to landfilling.

The Authority has an open door policy, and will continue to provide tours to any and all who wish to see its solid waste operation up close.  The Authority welcomes the opportunity to interact with the public regarding current and future plans for Atlantic County's solid waste disposal facility.



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