Atlantic County joins a growing list of communities that recycle cartons

Along with the New Year, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), has ushered in an exciting change for their residents: the addition of cartons to Atlantic County’s single stream recycling program. Residents are now able to include refrigerated and shelf-stable cartons in their recycling containers for curbside collection. This translates into a more robust recycling program for residents, and increased revenue opportunity for the community, a win-win, especially in tight economic times. ACUA is the agency that provides environmental and waste management services to residents and businesses in Atlantic County and Southern New Jersey.

“ReCommunity creates opportunities for our community partners by turning unrecovered resources into revenue,” says Jeff Fielkow, executive vice president of revenue and growth with ReCommunity. “Cartons and other materials are far too valuable to throw away in a landfill. We know first-hand there is economic, social, and environmental power in recovering and transforming these materials.”

With support of companies like ReCommunity and partners  like ACUA, the Carton Council has been able to grow access to carton recycling across the U.S. at the rate of 128 percent since 2009. Currently, more than 40 percent, or 47.9 million, of U.S. households have access to carton recycling.

Cartons are growing in popularity as a food and beverage packaging solution and they are appearing more and more on grocery shelves. Communities like Atlantic County realize that they must have a recycling solution for them and that when they are added into the recycling stream, they can deliver value back to the community.

“Adding cartons to our recycling program is a winning proposition,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey,. “The addition of a new material allows residents to increase recycling and decrease the amount of waste going to our landfill. Recycling continues to be a significant action which saves energy and natural resources, creates jobs and reduces our overall environmental footprint. We have one school alone that generates approximately 9,000 cartons per week, so the potential to reduce waste generation rates is significant,” Dovey added.

ReCommunity Carton Communities
As a leader in the recovery revolution, ReCommunity believes in the restorative power of recycling and what it can do to build jobs, revenue and a future for their partner communities. A strong supporter of carton recycling, they work to add cartons to all facilities and programs where they operate. ReCommunity has found that their community partners see the value in capturing and converting cartons into clean, efficient and cost-competitive commodities, products and energy.

Through investments and commitments to innovation and technology, ReCommunity enables their community partners to expand their roster of acceptable materials, including cartons, to ensure the most production solutions. Through customizing their materials recovery solutions to each community, ReCommunity has become the largest “pure-play” recycler in North America, with 36 facilities in 13 states and more than 1,500 employees. The company is unique in that it does not own landfills or collection trucks—they are singularly focused on maximizing recovery and recycling for partner communities.

The Carton Council, a group of carton manufacturers united to deliver long-term collaborative solutions to divert valuable cartons from the landfill, works hard to increase the number of households with access to carton recycling.

ACUA joins XX other ReCommunity communities that now accept cartons in their recycling program. For more information about ACUA and their addition of carton recycling, visit

ReCommunity, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading recycling and recovery company that is focused on dramatically reducing the volume of landfilled waste through conversion into useful products such as recycled commodities, ReEngineered Feedstock™, and other value-added recycled products. The company aims to lead a Recovery Revolution™ by repositioning waste as a strategic community resource instead of a growing liability. With 36 facilities in 13 states, ReCommunity enables community partners to generate additional revenue, recover community owned resources, create new jobs, and reduce their carbon footprint. For more information, visit

Formed in 2009 by carton manufacturers Elopak, SIG Combibloc, Evergreen Packaging and Tetra Pak, the Carton Council works to deliver long-term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill. Through a united effort, the Carton Council is committed to building a sustainable infrastructure for carton recycling nationwide and works toward their continual goal of adding access to carton recycling throughout the U.S. As of October 2012, the Carton Council reached 40 percent carton recycling access for U.S. households, an increase of 128 percent since 2009, when carton recycling access stood at 18 percent. For more information, visit

ACUA provides wastewater and solid waste management for residents of Atlantic County, New Jersey. ACUA’s solid waste facilities are located within its Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, and include a landfill, single stream processing facility, transfer station, compost facility and CNG fueling station. The facility is also host to a 5.4 MW landfill gas to energy project, which provides 100 percent of the electricity needed to power its solid waste facilities. ACUA operates a 40 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility in Atlantic City, NJ, which is home to both a 500 kW solar array and 7.5 MW wind farm. Renewable energy generated onsite provides 60 percent of the electricity needed to power the wastewater treatment facility.

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