Atlantic County Utilities Authority and Delta Thermo Energy, Inc. Announce the Operational Testing of “Hydrothermal Decomposition” Technology

Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) and Delta Thermo Energy, Inc (DTE) announce the installation of an operational test system inside ACUA’s transfer station in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Under the guidelines of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Environmental Improvement Pilot Test (permit number EIP110001), DTE will operate this system to test municipal solid waste (MSW) and sewage sludge from ACUA and various east coast municipalities. DTE will run 30 tests over a 90 day period collecting air, water and solid samples which will be tested at a lab certified by the NJ DEP and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The system processes very small volumes of material during each test, a combination of MSW and sludge totaling 15 lbs per test, with the goal of demonstrating the environmental benefits compared to other waste disposal solutions and thermal characteristics of the pulverized fuel.

DTE’s unique “Hydrothermal Decomposition” system recycles MSW and sludge in a process similar to that which takes place inside an autoclave. High pressure steam is introduced into an enclosed vessel containing the waste, and is recycled into a fuel substance that, when dry, has the appearance of crumbled soil and has the thermal characteristics of pulverized coal. DTE’s pulverized fuel is clean, bacteria-free and “green.” The pulverized fuel will then be transferred into DTE’s innovative combustion chamber, which will produce an off-gas to then run a steam turbine and generator, thus producing clean electricity with near-zero emissions nor use of fossil fuels. The pilot test at ACUA does not include combustion and energy production.

Given the nation’s growing issues of waste and sewage management, the reduction in landfill space, and the lack of new US incinerator production over the past 20 years, DTE’s “Hydrothermal Decomposition” offers an exciting new solution. DTE views this environmentally friendly process as a far superior alternative to today’s incinerators and landfills.

"ACUA is excited to have DTE at the ACUA Haneman Environmental Park demonstrating a potentially breakthrough waste to energy technology that may have significant applications in waste and biosolids management facilities all over the country. The Authority is evaluating the process to determine if a commercial scale system could be developed at ACUA’s facilities. ACUA supports DTE’s research on 'Hydrothermal Decomposition', which would reduce landfilling and any potentially negative impacts such as odors,” said Rick Dovey, Atlantic County Utilities Authority president.

“We are extremely excited about working with the ACUA and continuing to demonstrate how our process can contribute to solve today’s waste problems in a way that is environmentally sound and economically feasible,” said Rob Van Naarden, CEO, Delta Thermo Energy, Inc.

ACUA and DTE jointly extend an open invitation to any municipality interested in witnessing a demonstration. Municipalities are also welcome to test their own MSW and sludge by bringing their samples to the site during the testing period.

About the ACUA
The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) provides wastewater and solid waste management for residents of Atlantic County, New Jersey. ACUA’s solid waste facilities are located within its Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, and include a landfill, single stream processing facility, transfer station, compost facility and CNG fueling station. The facility is also host to a 5.4 MW landfill gas to energy project, which provides 100 percent of the electricity needed to power its solid waste facilities. ACUA operates a 40 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility in Atlantic City, NJ, which is home to both a 500 kW solar array and 7.5 MW wind farm, the nation’s first coastal and urban wind farm and is the largest hybrid wind and solar powered treatment facility in the world. Renewable energy generated onsite provides 60 percent of the electricity needed to power the wastewater treatment facility.

About DTE
Delta Thermo Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey is an alternative energy company focused solely on waste to energy solutions. DTE has developed a patent pending process called “Resource Recycling using Hydrothermal Decomposition” which takes in MSW and Sewage Sludge as a feedstock together to produce clean electricity without the use of fossil fuels and near zero emission.

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