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ACUA and Hudson Baylor bring single stream processing of recycling to Atlantic County

Atlantic County Utilities Authority and Hudson Baylor Corporation will celebrate the reopening of ACUA’s

Recycling Center in Egg Harbor Township on Thursday August 25, 2011 at 11 a.m.


With the adoption of single stream recycling collection in January of 2008, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) stopped sorting recyclables at its Egg Harbor Township facility, which was not equipped to separate the new mix of materials. ACUA moved to single stream collection to increase efficiencies on the collection side.  In addition, ACUA was able to increase the range of materials accepted and the ease of recycling for residents and businesses. The move to single stream collection has had many benefits, but required materials to be processed at another private facility. 


Since finalizing an agreement with Hudson Baylor Corporation in December, work has been underway to retrofit the facility. “They have done a great job with the retrofit, and we’re really looking forward to the facility coming online” Rick Dovey, ACUA President noted.  “This partnership has enabled ACUA to reopen our facility without having to purchase the equipment or to incur the costs of operating the facility”.


“Everyone at Hudson Baylor is thrilled to begin this partnership with the ACUA” said Hudson Baylor President, Scott Tenney.  “There has been a lot of hard work from both the Authority and Hudson Baylor in order to get to this point and we are all looking forward to starting the operation and serving the residents and businesses of Atlantic County”.

Hudson Baylor Corporation operates 13 locations in the US (including a dual stream facility in Cape May County and 4 other single stream plants). Hudson Baylor has designed and retrofitted the facility, which it will also operate.  Private companies currently operate single stream facilities in Camden and Gloucester County.  Atlantic County’s agreement is unique in that it brings public and private entities in partnership to enhance recycling. 


The cost to Hudson Baylor to outfit the existing structure with conveyors and sorting stations to handle the anticipated annual volume of 34,000 tons of single stream recycling is approximately $5.5 million. The agreement includes leasing the ACUA’s Recycling Center to Hudson Baylor for an initial ten year period.  Lease payment, avoided costs and a revenue sharing plan are anticipated to provide the ACUA with an annual benefit of over $1.5 million.  The new processing facility has been testing the complex system of conveyors and is ready to begin processing new material. The celebration and reopening ceremony on August 25 will offer the public a firsthand look at the sorting process. “Being able to see how this works and the scale of things helps people understand the importance of recycling. It’s an easy way for people to make a big impact by keeping these materials out of the landfill,” said Dovey.  Tours of the newly retrofitted recycling center will be incorporated into existing tour offerings for the public, and can be arranged by contacting the ACUA. The reopening event is open to the public, but attendees are asked to RSVP by visiting calling the ACUA at 609-272-6950.


About Hudson Baylor Corporation                           
Founded in 1983, for over a quarter of a century Hudson Baylor has operated Recyclable Material Recovery Facilities.  Since that time, the company has grown to operate private and municipally owned facilities in four states.  The company has remained focused on its operational expertise and reliable customer service. Hudson Baylor has been recognized as an industry leader by Inc. Magazine, Waste & Recycling News and Waste Age.  Hudson Baylor is headquartered in Newburgh, NY.

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