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ACUA selected to participate in Biosolids Management Program

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) has been selected to participate in a biosolids management system certification program. The National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) has accepted 13 agencies nationwide for this round of training and assistance to prepare for certification.

The program is designed to help the ACUA and other participants to take a careful look at their existing management practices for biosolids (the solid or semisolid material obtained from treated wastewater), with an eye on improvements which will meet regulatory requirements, protect public health and that are environmentally sound.  As part of the program, ACUA will develop a Biosolids Program Management Manual. 

Looking for ways to incorporate new technologies or to modify operations to optimize efficiency are part of ACUA's organizational culture and mission, so participation in this program and NBP's rigorous certification makes sense. The process will ensure that ACUA's biosolids management practices and processes are carefully reviewed and that new opportunities for improvement are identified and investigated.

The certification system is based on internationally recognized standards for an Environmental Management System (EMS)/International Organization of Standardization (ISO 14001), and provides a model for continuous improvement to meet changing environmental and regulatory demands. While each agency is unique, many share similar concerns; changes in costs or revenue, replacing aging equipment or incorporating new technologies. ACUA looks forward to meeting these challenges with the knowledge and practical experience this program will provide.

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