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It's Here! ACUA Partners with Toyota on Prius Plug-In Hybrid Demonstration Program

The ACUA has been selected to participate in Toyota’s Prius Plug-in Hybrid Demonstration Program. The ACUA’s involvement in the program wasPrius facilitated by the New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition, who assisted the Authority in the selection process. The Plug-in Prius will be on loan to the ACUA from Toyota. Toyota’s plug-in demo program is designed to collect real world performance data on plug-in vehicles and their usage. Specifically the program is looking to gather information on driving conditions, commute length, access to charging infrastructure, performance of the lithium-ion batteries, and overall user feedback.

“This is an exciting time for transportation,” said Richard S. Dovey. “Electric vehicles are going to be part of the transportation future of our country, particularly for fleet situations, where vehicles are used during the day, usually driven less than 35 miles a day and parked overnight. ACUA is honored to be among the first to test drive the new plug-in Prius and help bring plug-in  technology closer to reality.”

In July 2009, ACUA installed three electric car charging stations.  All three of the ACUA’s electric car charging stations are fed by the Authority’s two microgrids. At the Atlantic City location, the microgrid is powered by wind and solar energy. In Egg Harbor Twp., the microgrid is fed by the ACUA’s landfill gas to electric project. “These charging stations are powered by clean, 100 percent renewable energy sources and we hope to make them available to other electric vehicle owners,” Dovey added.

The program has put 600 of these plug-in vehicles on the road, distributing them for use to broad variety of sectors, including companies, institutions, and government agencies. All project partners will share data collected on the vehicles, with the goal of bringing electric transportation closer to reality. The vehicle battery will be able to provide 13 miles of driving range on a full charge before switching into hybrid mode, at which point the vehicle will get approximately 50 miles per gallon.

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