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Waste Flow Enacted in Atlantic County

Atlantic County’s Solid Waste Management Plan has been amended to include an intra-state waste flow control, which is now in effect.  ACUA’s Egg Harbor Twp. facility is the designated disposal facility in Atlantic County for all solid waste generated in Atlantic County.  The following notice is taken from the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Document which certifies the Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment .

By Order of the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the April 20, 2010 Amendment to the Atlantic County District Solid Waste Management Plan switching to an intra-state solid waste flow control system is certified, effective August 27, 2010.

The County Plan inclusion of intra-state waste flow control is approved and may commence immediately.  The ACUA Landfill located at the Atlantic County Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Township is the in-state designated disposal facility for all solid waste generated within Atlantic County. (Section C)

All solid waste facility operators and transporters registered with the Department and operating within the County shall operate in compliance with this amendment and all other approved provisions of the County Plan.  Any facility operator or transporter who fails to comply with the provisions contained herein shall be deemed to be in violation of their registration to operate a solid waste facility or a collection system issued thereunder by the Department and shall be subject to the provisions and penalties of N.J.S.A. 13:1E-9 and 12 and all other applicable laws. (Section D-2)

The ACUA is the agency that will enforce the intra-state waste flow control provisions of the County Plan. (Section B)

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