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Wellington Avenue Sewer Pipe Repair planned for early April in Ventnor

Between the summer of 1997 and fall of 2001, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) completed several major pipe rehabilitation projects which replaced approximately two miles of 30 inch diameter sewer force main from Lafayette Avenue in the City of Ventnor to Albany Avenue in Atlantic City. As part of the project design a connection clamp was required to join two different pipe diameters and segments of the project together.

This connection clamp located between Harvard Avenue and Cambridge Avenue in Ventnor failed initially on February 21, 2010. Several days of round the clock effort was performed in an effort to repair the existing clamp. Approximately two weeks later the repaired clamp failed a second time.

On March 10, 2010 the manufacturer’s representative, emergency repair contractor (Lafayette Utilities) and the ACUA met on site and have determined that a new repair clamp will be required.

Due to its size and complex nature, this clamp will take approximately three weeks to fabricate. Work to install the new clamp will take place immediately upon receipt of the new clamp.  The repair will be done on Wellington Ave. between Harvard and Cambridge Avenues.

For more information regarding this repair please contact the ACUA engineering department:
Dennis Smith 609-272-6909

Tom Ganard 609-272-6912 

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