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ACUA unveils Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority will offer the media and any interested parties an opportunity to check out the latest addition to their light duty fleet, a zero emission electric Ford Ranger pickup truck on Thursday, January 21 at 11:30 am at the Haneman Environmental Park, 6700 Delilah Road, in Egg Harbor Township.

WHO: The ACUA is aggressively working to green its fleet and to encourage the development of infrastructure that will support the clean vehicles that are becoming available. The ACUA has been using alternative fuel vehicles for many years, from propane vehicles to biodiesel for its entire collection fleet, as well as an electric vehicle used onsite at the Wastewater Treatment Facility in Atlantic City. The ACUA has installed electric charging stations at its Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township sites and anticipates adding to its zero emission fleet. Additional plans include adding a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station at the ACUA’s Egg Harbor Township site later this year.

WHAT: The ACUA has purchased a zero emission truck to be used in the recycling operations. The vehicle is a 2000 Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle (EV), produced by the Ford Motor Company. Ford produced these electric trucks from 1998 to 2002.

ACUA is purchasing the EV truck from Blue Sky Motors of McClellan, California, a LLC that was established by the company first selected to provide mobile electric vehicle repair services for Ford postal electric vehicles in Northern California. The truck has less than 10,000 miles of use on it. The Ford Ranger EV truck has a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack located under the truck’s bed, which charges in six to eight hours, has a driving range of 61 miles per charge and can reach maximum speeds of between 70 and 75 mph.

WHERE: ACUA’s Haneman Environmental Park, 6700 Delilah Road, Egg Harbor Twp. NJ, 08234

WHEN: Thursday, January 21st at 11:30 am. The ACUA will share information about the truck and demonstrate how it works, drives and charges.

WHY: Electric vehicles offer a cleaner alternative to gasoline and diesel vehicles, especially when charged with electricity generated from renewable sources like wind, solar and landfill gas. The ACUA’s Ford Ranger "fills up" on electricity generated from landfill trash, at an estimated cost of only $.04 per mile. Using the electric vehicle in place of a comparable gasoline powered truck will save the ACUA approximately $1,259 per year; a 58 percent savings over fueling a comparable gasoline powered Ford Ranger. Electric vehicles have a history of successful use and are seen as a viable alternative to cars and trucks powered by fossil fuels. Thousands of these clean vehicles—many of them zero-emission—are expected to start coming to auto dealerships in late 2010.

Additional background and external links: 

Number of EVs Driven Today: The non-profit Plug In America estimates that there are 3,000 highway-capable EVs from major automakers on U.S. roads today:

800 Toyota RAV4-EVs

1,000 Teslas

150 Ford Ranger trucks

50 Chevy S-10 trucks

500 test-only BMW Mini Es

500 others including Solectrias and EPIC Mini-Vans

Common misconceptions or "myths" about all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars:

ACUA’s Cost comparison: 


Ford Ranger Gas Truck

Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle


18 miles per gallon

61 miles per charge


$1.94 per gallon

.0912 per kWh

Cost per mile



Cost per 20,000 miles



Savings per year $1,259

% Savings per year 58.38%





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