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ACUA Connects via Facebook and Twitter

The ACUA has joined the vast world of social networking. The Authority can now be spotted on popular sites Facebook and Twitter. The ACUA plans on using these sites to enhance communication with its customers by providing up-to-the-minute information about changes in recycling schedules, sending out newsletters and press releases, sharing information about upcoming events and tours, announcing new projects, marketing its EcoProducts, and much more. The ACUA also has immediate access to news provided by organizations that it’s following, including environmental organizations like the EPA, energy organizations, news organizations, academic institutions, energy news blogs, and political figures, among others. This allows the ACUA to stay abreast of the latest information pertaining to the environment, clean energy and fuels, new technology, and government regulations, which we can then share with our followers.

So what are Twitter and Facebook? Besides being a pop culture buzz word, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets the world know what you are doing in less than 140 characters. Posting a “tweet” is a simple way to stay connected with people and it can be done via mobile texting, instant message, or the web. Facebook has gained world-wide popularity by allowing users to establish connections with new people, as well as reconnect with old friends. Facebook users can add friends and fans to their site, and send them messages and share photos. Facebook also affords users the ability to update their personal profiles as often as necessary to
notify friends and family about new happenings. Additionally, users can join networks organized by certain classifying characteristics like city, workplace, school and region.

Technology and the internet have served in keeping people more connected throughout the world. This is what the ACUA seeks to accomplish through gaining membership in these social media sites. It hopes to fortify relationships within the community and encourage feedback from Atlantic County residents and non-residents, alike. 

If you already have a Twitter account we hope that you “Follow ACUA,” and to Facebook users, ACUA looks forward to you becoming a “fan.” If you aren’t members yet, not to worry, setting up an account is simple. For Twitter, sign up by creating a username and password on and you’re ready to begin tweeting. Then start following the people and organizations that you know, and wait for others to begin following you. It is truly that simple!

Launching a Facebook page is also quite easy, but it does require a little more effort than Twitter. You must create a more in-depth profile, but on the other hand, you are able to do much more with Facebook than you are able to do with Twitter. So log on to andcreate an account, and begin customizing your page. But don’t forget to become a fan of the ACUA by searching for ACUA under “fan pages,” or follow the ACUA by going through the web site at, and click on the Facebook and Twitter icons on the homepage. Login and stay connected with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.

We hope you join us in our journey through the social networking universe.

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