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Atlantic County Reminds Residents to "Slow Down to Get Around"

In celebration of June as National Safety Month, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) and the Atlantic County Office of Highway Safety are reminding motorists to slow down when passing trash and recycling collection vehicles and other service vehicles as part of its Slow Down to Get Around safety campaign.

The Slow Down to Get Around countywide initiative was launched in 2004.  As Atlantic County continues to grow, "The increasing number of motorists on our roadways raises the potential risk of injury to these service workers," stated County Executive Dennis Levinson. "This campaign encourages drivers to exercise the same caution for service vehicles as they do for a school bus, an emergency vehicle or road construction crew." To help remind motorists, bright yellow Slow Down to Get Around decals will be featured on ACUA, county and municipal public work vehicles.

"Raising public awareness of the potential danger involved in passing public and private sector service vehicles is something we can’t stress enough," concluded ACUA President Richard Dovey. "Collecting trash and recyclables or conducting roadside repairs should not be considered a life-threatening job. This campaign, reminds us all to be cautious and careful."

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