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ACUA reminds residents and businesses to recycle telephone books

EGG HARBOR TWP.– The Atlantic County Utilities Authority would like to remind residents and businesses that old telephone books can be recycled. Telephone books are regularly accepted in curbside recycling programs, but reminders are always useful, especially at a time when the new books are arriving.

Recycling phone books has many environmental and economical benefits. It is environmentally responsible to recycle all paper, including phone books. By recycling, producers can use post-consumer paper instead of raw materials, saving many trees. Additionally, recycling phone books saves landfill space, and with more than 125,000 households and businesses in Atlantic County receiving two phone books each, precious space can be easily consumed by phone books. Verizon, one of the local phone book distributors, recognizes that resources are consumed by the production of phone books each year, so they already try to do their part by using paper with 40 percent recycled content. They also maintain a paperless directory at Yellowbook, another local distributor, also maintains a directory at, utilizes recycled paper, as well as biodegradable soy-based inks.

As an economical choice, recycling phone books is a good one. Trash disposal costs in Atlantic County are based on weight and recycling charges are not. Products such as paper can cost a town up to $64 dollars per ton to process as trash. Towns that contract with the ACUA for curbside collection of recyclables pay a flat fee to the Authority, so there is no increased cost for recycling. Local phone books weigh around two to three pounds, so there is actual cost savings associated with recycling phone books when considering the cost of disposing at least one phone book per household and business in a town.

To help save money and the environment, please recycle your out-of-date phone books when you receive your new one.  For towns with curbside recycling pick-up by the ACUA, simply place the book in a paper bag with your newspaper, office paper, and other paperback books. Please visit or call 609-272-6950 for more information about recycling services in Atlantic County.


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