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Ventnor and the ACUA to offer valet trash and recycling collection service for residents

Between Memorial Day (May 25, 2009) and Labor Day (September 7) participating property owners will no longer need to worry about what to do with their trash and recycling when it’s time to leave town after a weekend or vacation at the shore. 


The ACUA collects both trash and recycling on a weekly basis year-round in the City of Ventnor, and collection days are staggered to serve different parts of the City each day of the week.   This means that weekend visitors previously faced a dilemma when packing up on Sunday afternoon; what to do with the weekend’s waste.  This new program will allow property owners to sign up for enhanced service, a sort of valet service for trash and recycling. 


The initial cost for this service is $231, which includes the onetime cost of a green 95 gallon lidded, wheeled trash cart.  The ACUA will provide the property owner with enhanced trash and recycling collection service for the fifteen weeks of the summer season. On the scheduled collection day, ACUA’s collection staff will retrieve the receptacles from the outside of the residence, empty them and return them.  Participating residents will not need to bring or return containers to the curb or concern themselves with what their guests or summer tenants are doing with their trash. 


The ACUA will collect up to two trash containers and two recycling containers weekly at each property.  The 95 gallon trash cart will be the property of the property owner, and additional carts may be purchased directly from the ACUA.  Ventnor residents, including those participating in this pilot, are entitled to receive one blue recycling bucket per year as needed. Additional buckets can also be purchased from the ACUA.


Enhanced service does not include yard waste collection, construction debris or metals, and does not apply to condominiums, apartments and commercial establishments in Ventnor.


This service will be limited to the first 200 participants to sign up, and the program is open to all property owners, both full and part-time residents.  Applications are available at Clerk’s Office, Tax Office or when purchasing beach badges at City Hall. 


 Interested property owners must register and make payment by May 11th, and participants will be required to sign a release to allow ACUA collections staff the right to enter the property to perform this service.   For more information, contact the City of Ventnor at 609-823-7900.

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