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ACUA’s Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Township is home to two beautiful gardens that are beneficial to the environment.

Native Plant Garden

Native Plant Garden 2

Native plants occur naturally in the local ecosystem. They thrive in the climate, moisture and soils from the area they originate. Native plants also require minimal maintenance because they need less water and are able to deter disease and pests naturally. Native plants provide critical food sources and habitat for bees, butterflies and other local wildlife.

Our native plant garden is filled with plants and flowers unique to our region. Click here to see a list of the different plants.

Native Plant Garden 1

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Rain Garden

Rain Garden

Rain gardens capture stormwater so it can slowly infiltrate back into the ground, which can help to reduce flooding. Rain gardens naturally remove pollutants, recharge groundwater, and provide a natural habitat for wildlife. Raingardens are one of many natural ways to manage stormwater and are a great way to showcase native plants.

The gardens help ACUA carry out its mission to improve the environment.

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