Summer Litter Challenge

ACUA and the Atlantic County Clean Communities Program invite you to participate in a two-week litter removal contest, from August 15-29, for a chance to win a mini-grant!


Litter teams have two weeks, from August 15-29, to remove litter from roadways, parks, or other public areas. No cleanups on any private property of any sort is permitted and will not be counted if submitted.

Contest is open to Atlantic County residents. Teams are limited to 15 people or less. Each participant can only be on one team.

Each team must report bags of trash or recycling collected through the form below. Pictures of material must be sent to verify the cleanups.

Groups are encouraged to brings the bags of litter home to place out with their own trash collection. If there is too much debris, please let us know in the form below.

All teams must fill out a safety pledge prior to beginning the contest. All teams must wear safety vests at all times.  Please contact us for supplies.  

The winners will be selected based on the amount of litter collected. Weight will be determined by a conversion formula of bags to pounds. Debris will all be given an average estimate weight for the item (ex. Average tire is 27 pounds).

Winners will be announced in early September.


First Place - $500 Mini-Grant
Second Place - $300 Mini-Grant
Third Place - $100 Mini-Grant
Strangest Litter Find - $100 Mini-Grant




Name of Group
Contact Email Address
Contact Phone Number
Number of Participants
Names of Participants
Location Cleaned (Include Town)
Date of Cleanup
How many trash bags did you collect?
How many recycling bags did you collect?
Did you collect any other debris that would not fit into a bag? If so, what were the items?
Strangest/most notable item found during your cleanup  
Do your trash and recycling bags need to be collected at the cleanup location? 

If you marked "Yes" above, where are your bags located?



*A photo of bags collected and your group is required to be submitted after each cleanup to Rebecca Turygan at  



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