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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint is all about finding ways to lessen the impact you have on the environment. There are thousands of things you can do to help the planet.

Here are a few to start with: 

Recycling saves energy, reduces pollution and saves space in the landfill
Recycling is just one of the 7 Rs - learn more here!
Check to be sure you know what to recycle in Atlantic County.

Green your Food Choices
Buy Local - save on “food miles” and support local farmers
Eat less meat and dairyfood choices have big impacts! Meat and dairy production use over 80% of farmland and produce 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions. In some parts of the world, critical forests are cleared to create land to graze cattle.

Stop drinking bottled water
Bottled water is not necessarily any better than the water that comes from your tap. If you prefer, use a filter at home and bring your refillable water bottle with you to avoid having to purchase single use plastic bottles.

Insulate you home
Check for drafty windows and doors on a windy day and take advantage of programs through your local utilities to make improvements to your home’s energy efficiency.

Maintain your heater/air conditioner
Regular servicing will insure that they are operating optimally.

Replace light bulbs
If you haven’t already, replace incandescent bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) or upgrade to LED lights. CFLs use 75% less energy, LEDs save even more. They may be more expensive, but it will only take a few months of energy savings to pay back the difference.

Turn it off 
Use a power strip that you can turn off, or simply unplug things when you’re not using them. Turn off the TV, lights, computer when you’re not using!

Choose Energy Star appliances
Look for the Energy Star label when it’s time to replace appliances to be sure you are getting an efficient product that will also save you money to operate! Before you shop, find out about rebates through the NJ Clean Energy Program

Use a programmable thermostat
Make it easy to save energy by programming your system to turn temps up or down according to your family’s habits and schedule.

Choose Renewable Energy
There are a variety of options from leasing your roof to owning your own solar panels and you can also support renewable energy through your energy provider.

Drive Green |
Drive less, walk and bike more. Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Save Water
Indoors: Make water efficient choices – look for the Water Sense label to be sure shower heads, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines you choose are the most efficient. Check and repair drips and leaks! Outdoors: follow recommendations to water smart, choose native, drought tolerant plants and add a rain barrel to your water-saving tools.

Plant a tree!
Properly placed shade trees can help reduce your heating and cooling costs in addition to the many additional benefits trees provide.

Grow a vegetable garden – even a few plants in containers can provide some healthy food. Add some native plants to your landscape to support bees and other important pollinators

Use fruit and veggie scraps to reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill and create your own nutrient rich soil amendment for free!

Learn more! Keep reading, keep learning, and get involved with local environmental organizations to make a difference in your community.


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