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About the Program

ACUA has been named an official Explorer Post and will be welcoming High School students to our facilities to learn more about environmental careers. ACUA’s Explorer Program exposes students to a wide variety of career opportunities in environmental fields by allowing them to meet with employees and see what they do. Meetings offer a supportive mentoring program, education with hands-on activities and the chance to engage with employees who can share what life skills and leadership experience are needed for a successful environmental career. 

Young adults involved in ACUA’s Explorer program will:

  • Gain practical knowledge of and experience in environmental career
  • Engage in a program of activities centered on career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character development and leadership experience
  • Take on leadership roles
  • Learn and grow in a supportive, caring and enjoyable environment

At each meeting you’ll meet ACUA employees who will introduce you to the work they do and why it’s important. You’ll have a change to learn about the skills that are needed for different jobs. You will get to ask questions and get a feel for what it takes to be successful in a wide variety of fields.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held monthly between October 2016 and May 2017 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at ACUA's Environmental Park or Wastewater Treatment Facility. 

October 27: Green Energy/Research & Development

ACUA has positioned itself as an Environmental Leader, in part by implementing several renewable energy projects. These projects include the 7.5 megawatt Jersey Atlantic Wind Farm and a 500 kW solar project at the ACUA’s Wastewater Treatment Facility in Atlantic City. Our Landfill Gas to Energy initiative powers our Solid Waste facility (with trash!) and several other clean, green projects demonstrate how smart choices can help the environment and save money. ACUA’s R&D department continually seeks out information on new technologies and initiatives to help us to operate more cost effectively while meeting our mission of providing environmentally responsible services.

November 21: Recycling Collections, Processing & Marketing
For many people, ACUA is synonymous with recycling. With a collection fleet of almost 50 trucks, ACUA drivers and handlers travel across the county to collect recycling and other materials. Working with our recycling partner, ReCommunity, materials collected are sorted and prepared marketed to companies which will use them to create new materials. Learn what’s involved with this critical, multi-step process.

December 19: Wastewater Systems and Operation
You may not have even considered what happens to the water that goes down the drain, but there are many highly trained and skilled employees working behind the scenes to be sure that the water that we use is cleaned and treated properly before its discharged into the ocean. Over 60 miles of pipes and 20 pumping stations convey about 28 to 30 million gallons of wastewater for treatment in Atlantic City every day.

January 26: Engineering
Every project begins as an idea, and the knowledge engineers possess is critical in seeing projects through from inception to completion. Whether a project is done “in-house” or with the aid of outside contractors, ACUA’s Engineers are essential to the successful design and implementation of ACUA’s many projects and initiatives

February 23: Vehicle Maintenance, Buildings & Grounds
Our Centralized Maintenance staff performs an incredible variety of tasks that are essential to keeping things running smoothly, safely and effectively. From installing electric charging stations and repairing trucks to keeping our grounds looking beautiful, this talented team handles an incredible array of challenging jobs.

March 23: Water Testing Laboratory
ACUA operates a state certified water testing lab at our Wastewater Treatment facility in Atlantic City. In addition to performing the critical testing for the wastewater treatment operation, our lab also handles work for other clients including testing the ocean waters along our beaches to make sure it’s safe for swimming, and testing water from wells at local restaurants and schools.

April 27: Landfill Operations
A key component of ACUA’s Solid Waste Operations in Egg Harbor Township is our sanitary landfill which covers over 100 acres. From the engineers tasked with designing the landfill, to the heavy equipment operators who work day and night to manage the materials accepted, there is a great diversity of skills that are employed in successfully managing this operation. Learn how we collect and utilize methane gas from the landfill to create electricity as well as what makes our landfill unlike any others.

May 25: Compost Operations
Leaves, grass, brush, stumps and branches are the ingredients which go into the production of ACUA’s popular EcoSoil Compost, which enriches the sandy local soils and provides home gardeners with a great soil amendment for lawns and gardens. See how the basic composting process used by backyard composters is scaled up at our 10 acre compost site. From biology to equipment operation, this process relies on staff with a wide range of skills and training.


If you missed our open house, please contact us for more information. 

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