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ACUA can loan "Clear Stream” event recycling containers to your organization for your next public event!

  • Clear Stream containers are easy to transport and set up.
  • Receptacles AND bags can be provided at no cost.
  • Clear Stream containers have restricted openings and clear bags that make them easy for people to use and understand.

To borrow the containers, you will be asked to provide information about the event, and who will be responsible for picking up and returning the containers. This information is essential for helping us to track our supply of Clear Stream containers. No deposit required, however, if the containers are not returned, you will be charged for the cost of the container. 

Clear streams are only available for use for public events in towns ACUA actively serves.

Atlantic City and Galloway events are not eligible. Please contact Public Works for event recycling information.


Tips for Recycling Success:

  • Place a recycling container NEXT TO EVERY trash container.
  • Recycling containers should be clearly marked so people can distinguish them from trash containers. A restricted opening helps!
  • Designate volunteers or staff to check and empty recycling containers during and after the event. Educate volunteers and ask them to check for contamination.
  • Ask food vendors to consider alternatives to styrofoam. Even though paper plates should not be recycled (due to food contamination), they are biodegradable and better for the environment!
  • Many companies sell promotional products made from recycled products - choose giveaways with an environmental benefit or message.
  • Promote the use of reusable bags instead of plastic.
  • Use recycled paper for flyers and print materials.
  • Promote your event electronically - spread the work using the web and social media!
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