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ACUA has launched its first ever county-wide recycling education campaign, “Put It Out There.” The campaign is meant to encourage you to publically and confidently support recycling by both literally and figuratively asking you to “put it out there” when it comes to your recycling.

This is a strong rallying cry for the county and everyone can unite behind this campaign, do what is right and put recycling out there on the curb. We challenge you to put it out there and embrace recycling.

You even have options with how you can put your recycling out there, whether it’s in a free, ACUA-provided recycling bucket, purchasing a 95-gallon recycling cart or using whatever household containers you have available with an ACUA sticker placed on it. It’s your choice!

Check out RecycleAtlanticCounty.org to see the campaign.

What are you waiting for? Put it out there!

Use the hashtag #PutItOutThere to share your photos through social media.

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