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SeeClickFix is a service that allows residents and businesses locate issues in their communities that need to be fixed.

Based on the type of issue and its location, the service can pass the request on to the proper officials.

The ACUA is using SeeClickFix to help residents quickly and accurately report issues like missed recycling pickups or to request the delivery of a complimentary recycling bucket.

1) Drag the red marker in the map to your location or type your address in the fields to the left.

You can use the zoom controls on the left hand side of the map or double click to zoom in, just like any Google map.
You may also switch to a satellite view by clicking the word “Satellite” in the upper right hand corner to be even more accurate.

Alternatively, you can enter your address information in the fields to the left of the map.

2) Click the ‘Next’ button once the location of the issue is located on the map.

3) Under the Category dropdown, you can select what type of services the ACUA is contracted for in your city.
Depending on the city in which the issue is located, different options will be available:
                Residential Requests
                Business Requests
                Bucket Requests
                Comments and Concerns

When selecting “Residential Requests”, select the type of issue you have:
                Recycling Pickup Issue
                Trash Pickup Issue
                Yard Waste Pickup Issue
                Bulk Pickup Issue

4) Complete the required contact information that is marked with a red asterisk.

5) Click “Submit”. Your request will now be entered into ACUA’s work order system.

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