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Persons transporting only their own solid waste in small vehicles i.e. pick-ups, having a registered gross vehicle weight of 9,000 lbs or less may utilize the facilities and pay for services as they are rendered. 

Cash, Check, Money Orders, Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Debit/Check Cards) and Apple or Samsung Pay are accepted for payment at the scale house.

All customers paying their disposal charges by check must provide the following information if they do not have a solid waste disposal account or if they are utilizing an out-of-state check:

  1. Valid Drivers License (USA only);
  2. Telephone number;
  3. Major credit card, number and expiration date (for ID purposes only)

Upon entering the scales, all small vehicles shall provide the scale master with:

If a customer's vehicle should break down while attempting to dispose of waste at the Transfer Station, Landfill or Compost Site, ACUA may take such action, as it deems necessary to protect persons and property and to continue efficient operation of ACUA facilities. Should such actions be necessary, the ACUA is not liable for any resulting damage to customer's vehicles and/or equipment. If possible, the ACUA may assist in moving any disabled vehicle to a more convenient area, but all responsibility for the vehicle remains with the customer. 

All malfunctioning vehicles shall be removed from ACUA premises within 24 hours, and the owner shall also assume all liability for the vehicle's condition and any damage to ACUA facilities or equipment, or those of other customers, while on ACUA property. Any expenses incurred by ACUA in towing these vehicles shall be billed to the customer. A customer whose equipment repeatedly interferes with ACUA operations may be prohibited from disposal at all ACUA facilities.

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