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Propane Tanks: 
The ACUA accepts 20 lb. propane tanks (from barbecue grills). Click here for disposal rates

1 lb. propane canisters used for camp stoves are accepted at ACUA's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days.    

Helium Tanks: 
Please contact the manufacturer of this product for proper guidelines. You can dispose of many empty small helium tanks at a local scrap metal yard.  

Fire Extinguishers: 
Non-rechargeable dry chemical fire extinguishers may be brought to ACUA's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days.

Rechargeable commercial extinguishers are not accepted. Please contact the supplier/manufacturer for proper disposal information. 

Hot Water Tanks:
Hot water tanks are accepted up to 100 gallons at the landfill as metals. Click here for disposal rates

Oil Tanks:
Oil tanks are accepted at the landfill if empty and cut in half. Click here for disposal rates

Other Compressed Gas Tanks/Oxygen Tanks:
For compressed gas cylinders, tanks or oxygen tanks please contact the supplier for proper handling and disposal procedures. All tanks should be handled carefully and must not be punctured since they may be under extreme pressure and/or may contain combustible gas.

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