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The wastewater, wind, solar tour takes approximately 1 hour.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility has become world renowned as the largest hybrid wind and solar powered treatment facility. It is home to the nation’s first coastal and urban setting wind farm and New Jersey’s first commercial wind farm. Also located on site is a 500-kilowatt solar generation facility.

The treatment facility was vital in reclaiming the area’s back bays. At one time fishing, shellfishing, and swimming were off limits in Atlantic County’s back bays. Thanks to the treatment facility, all of these activities are once again part of the region’s economic backbone.

The ACUA Wastewater Treatment Facility operates 24 hours a day, every day, to meet clean water standards and ensure the purity of the County’s marine and fresh water environments. Visitors will learn the crucial role the ACUA Wastewater Treatment Facility plays in this process and the need to protect vital natural resources.

Tours of the facility are geared to the age level and interest of the group and can include any or all of the following:
• Description of the facility;
• Laboratory tour and demonstration;
• Wind and solar energy presentation and outdoor tour

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