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Creative Upcycling with Anne Cecil

Counting Down to 2021

Tuesday, December 8 
6-7:30 pm

Whew - what a year! Now we’re counting down to 2021 and we’ve got a special way to anticipate the arrival of the New Year. Join us to learn how to create a special folio holding 6 envelopes you’ll fill with special messages, treats or other treasures. The lucky recipient will delight in the surprise of opening one in each of the 6 hours leading up to midnight!
Artist Anne Cecil will lead you through the steps to create a paper folio and to handcraft your own envelopes. Anne will share ideas (there are so many!) about the envelopes and choosing what goes inside them and how to sequence them.
Anne will present live so you’ll be able to follow along, ask questions and get help – all from the comfort of your home!
What will you need? This workshop will utilize material that is readily available; you’re probably all ready to go now! A supply list is located below the Registration Link. 

Register here

This event is made possible by generous support from Galloway Township.

2020 Countdown Workshop Supply List

1. Paper: 12 sheets of any 8.5” x 11” & 3-5 sheets of 11” x14” or legal size  paper you have for folding practice.
About Paper  - You can use any paper, any size.  Here are some of Anne's favorites:
• Magazines – I love the variety and of colors, shapes, objects and text. Magazine pages provide an excellent opportunity for design considerations.
• Wrapping Paper – portfolios and envelopes are a great way to up-cycle wrapping paper and create a festive theme.
• Maps  or Atlas – This is a wonderful way to re-create a trip you have taken, plan one you will take, or create an imaginary vacation.  NOTE: you can intersperse photos or drawings of stops along the way.
• Book pages or Newspaper – These options allow you to focus on words that can tell a story.  You can include illustrations or photos from the books or papers, or intersperse photos or drawings of your own. Comics could be turned into a Graphic Novel portfolio.  NOTE: Newspaper can be quite fragile. You will need to handle with care.
• Personal Photos – print your own photos
• Drawings –  use your own drawings

2. Portfolio Tie
About Ties – you can use anything you have at hand. Examples: Jute, Twine, String, Rope, Ribbon, Yarn, Cable, Wire, or anything that you can use to tie.

3. Cutting  Implement
About Cutting – you can use anything you have at hand. Examples: Scissors, Utility Knife, Exacto Knife, Hole Punch, or anything that can pierce the paper.

4. Reinforcement (Optional)
About Reinfocement – you can use anything you have at hand. The purpose is to reinforce your cut. Examples: Tape,  Packing Tape, Duct Tape, Notebook paper hole reinfocements. Instructions and other reference materials will be posted here to access after the event. 
This workshop is ideal for ages 10 and up. Younger participants should have someone older with them to assist.


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