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ACUA is committed to delivering services in an open and transparent manner, making information about our operations and finances available on this site.  Our mission is to provide environmentally and fiscally responsible waste management services to our customers in and around Atlantic County, New Jersey.  As such, we are stewards of not only the environment, but the public trust as well.

Purchasing, Bids and RFPs

As a governmental entity, ACUA follows statutory and regulatory procedures for purchasing, bidding and RFPs, for environmental compliance and for employment practices. County Utilities Authorities are strictly regulated entities. The ACUA is committed to procuring necessary goods and services through a competitive process in which a large number of qualified vendors can participate in conformity with all State laws (NJSA 40A:11-et seq) governing public contracting for local governments and authorities in New Jersey.

Our Rates

ACUA operates two divisions: the Wastewater Division and the Solid Waste Division. The two are separate and distinct for rate-making and operating purposes. 

Annual Budgets

Wastewater and Solid Waste Divisions Combined Budgets:


Annual Audits

The annual audited financial statements of the Authority have been prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as applied to governmental units. Click here to review our most recent and past audits.

Annual Reports



Vendors Paid More Than $17,500

Click here for a list of attorneys, advisers, consultants, and any other person, firm, business, partnership, corporation, or other organization which received any remuneration of $17,500 or more during the preceding fiscal year for any service whatsoever rendered to the Authority.

Investor Relations and Bonds

The holders of bonds or notes of each division have no claims on the revenues or assets of the other division. Click here for more information.

Additional Information

Additional information may be requested through the Open Public Records Act. Click here for the OPRA request form.

We strive to make our operations transparent. We welcome your comments and thank you for your interest. 

Please contact us for additional information by email or phone at 609-272-6950.

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